Posing with a banana muffin

Hi I’m Brittany,

I’m a certified Holistic Nutritionist, foodie and blogger!

I share information and recipes to help you BE healthy and achieve your goals without sacrificing tasty food.

About 5 years ago I struggled with full body acne. After years of buying products that did not work, I decided to get to the root of the problem. Along my journey I have discovered the power of food and an overall healthy lifestyle.

I’ve learned you can see positive health results without cutting your favorite treats or meals. The trick is to find better ways to enjoy them–and thats what I’m here to share with you.

In addition to food, I focus on health holistically. This means taking a look at how our products, environment and habits effects the body.

What started as my journey to heal my acne naturally, has turned into a full blown passion. Thank you so much for landing on my page and being a part of this community.

Have a question or a recipe you’d like me to try, contact me at brittbehealthy@gmail.com

Photos by @codivphotography