4 Affordable Natural Skincare Brands You Need To Try

Dump the toxic chemicals from your skincare routine!

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When you think about being healthy you probably think of diet and exercise but it’s just as critical to consider what you’re putting on your skin! These four affordable natural skincare brands have quickly become a favorite.

Lets talk skin care

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is absorbent! Think about when you rub lotion on your body—your hope is that your dry skin sucks it up, right? This is why it’s so important to pay attention to what is in your beauty products. What chemicals are seeping into your body?!

Two years ago, I started paying attention and doing research on the ingredients in my products and WOAH what a wake-up call. I truly had no idea that many of the chemicals in my bathroom were linked to cancer, hormone imbalance, infertility, stripped my natural oils and left me with WORSE acne.

When I decided to take the plunge and begin clearing out my toxic products, I started with skin care. I focused on changing my face wash, moisturizers, acne spot treatments and body wash. Being a girl on a budget my goal was to find affordable and effective products!!

Nowadays there are a plethora of new brands hitting the market with a focus on having safer products but these four companies are my trusted affordable natural skincare brands.

cocokind chia skincare


If you haven’t already heard about Cocokind let me introduce you!!! I recommend them first because not only do I personally love their products but they’re also super affordable. For the longest time I was spending $70 on a moisturizer until I learned I could get more for my money with Cocokind.

I use their Texture Smoothing Cream, Chia Facial Oil, Resurfacing Sleep Mask, and their Turmeric Stick. I have a list of other things I want to try but these are the ones that have become a part of my daily routine. Each one helps to restore my skin to feeling silky smooth!! In fact, I’ve been wearing less makeup because I’m feeling better about my skin. This is huge for me.

When you start looking for quality and clean products I suggest always checking if the company is transparent with their ingredients. Cocokind does this. They share all the ingredients in their products with no BS umbrella term like “Fragrance” (which is how many companies get away with hiding the toxic chemicals from you). On their website you can even look up how the ingredients serve your skin.

When I say they’re affordable, they’re super cheap compared to many other clean beauty brands! The most I’ve seen a product for is $30 and that’s their beauty supplements.

You can order products online at https://www.cocokind.com/ or find some of their top sellers at Target.

versed natural skincare


When it comes to affordable natural skincare brands, Versed is a fan favorite! After I met with an esthetician about how to take care of my back to prevent back acne and scaring, she suggested I use a quality moisturizer and acne treatment. Although I will say acne is usually more an internal problem than an external problem, I figured working on moisturizing and cleansing didn’t hurt. I never even considered that level of skincare for the back before!

When I was searching for an answer, I saw a friend post about Versed. They are a vegan, cruelty-free, clean beauty brand with a larger selection of products to help your skin needs. I was particularly excited about their Acne Control Body Mist and Keep it Supple Body Oil that sprays! Both these products allowed me to specifically target the hard to reach spots and achieve my goals.

Something I find incredibly unique about Versed is they have a skin hotline!! You can text “SOS” to 50813 Mon-Fri 10:00-5:00 pm Pacific Time and skincare experts will help answer your questions. I’ve never tried this personally but hey the more resources the better.

I personally order my products from their website at https://versedskin.com/

franklin and whitman products

Franklin and Whitman

In the mood to do a at home spa day but want to make sure you’re using safe and quality products?! Look no further. One of my best friends introduced me to Franklin and Whitman when she got me one of their kits for my birthday. Seriously one of the best presents. My kit had a face mask, botanical steam and a face scrub.

Made with true plant-based ingredients (you can literally see the plants in the products) these items feel so fresh! I feel like after using them my skin felt rejuvenated and I know it was soaking up the good stuff. I’ll admit I haven’t tried too many other products but they’re on my list!! They have earned my trust as a customer.

As an added bonus their social mission is to keep their products vegan and cruelty free and donate a portion of every purchase to Dog Rescue Organizations. Come on—what more of an excuse do you need? Treat yourself to an at home spa day and help save puppies

You can purchase online at https://franklinandwhitman.com/

Beautycounter products


Beautycounter is a company founded on the mission to formulate, advocate, and educate people on the current regulations on our products (which isn’t much). In the past few years of following this company, I’ve watched them and their team of people help shape the industry and lobby for change.

All that aside, they have quality products you have to try! Depending on what you’re looking for it can be a bit pricier than Cocokind but trust me it’s worth it. When I first started my journey of cleaning up my products, I got myself hooked to their Counter Control Clear Pore Cleanser and their makeup.

They also offer a large variety of products not only targeted for women but babies and men as well.

As I mentioned previously, you want a company that is honest about their ingredients and Beautycounter offers you the ability to not only see the ingredients for each product, but also see were its sourced from and what it’s used for.

You can purchase Beautycounter products online at their website https://www.beautycounter.com/, from a consultant, find them at their pop-up shops or temporarily in stores they collaborate with such as Target and Sephora.


Whether you’re looking to start moving toward cleaner beauty products or you want to just learn more first; all four companies provide amazing resources to teach you about ingredients, skin care, and why clean beauty is the future.

If you try out any of these affordable natural skincare brands or find a new favorite please share with me on Instagram @brittbehealthy or email brittbehealthy@gmail.com.

4 affordable natural skincare brands and skincare resources

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