How to Host the Perfect Picnic

Create lasting memories and Pinterest perfect photos with these tips.

Pinterest Picnic Set Up

With spring in full bloom and summer around the corner you may be looking for ways to host the perfect picnic. Look no further, I’ll break down some simple ideas and foods to include in your next outdoor meal.

The set up

Hosting a picnic can be as simple as grabbing a blanket, buying take out and sitting in a park. It’s classic, it’s easy and it’s totally doable. If you want to bump it up a notch and create a picture perfect picnic, there will need to be some thought involved.

If this is a special occasion such as a birthday party, engagement, or some sort of celebratory event; one of the easiest tricks is hiring someone. Local small companies are popping up in many major cities offering an unforgettable picnic experience. Not sure where to look? On Instagram type in the search bar, “picnic-YOUR CITY”. You’ll likely receive multiple local accounts that offer different set ups.

My friend and I wanted all the picnic glamour and booked Picnic Date Seattle to help set up our decor. They provide three different themes to choose from and we selected the “Wild and Free”. The whites and light shades provided for a brighter picnic setting that we wanted for photos. We also added on a bubble tent to the experience to ensure even on a rainy Washington day we would stay dry.

If you don’t want to hire someone you can easily pick up cute props at thrift stores, HomeGoods, Target, etc.

Fun Picnic with friends

The location

The location will help set the vibe. In Seattle some popular spots are Alki Beach, Golden Gardens Park, around Green Lake or even a cute small local park. For our picnic we chose to have it at Golden Gardens Park where we were set up in the sand with a view of all the sail boats. It was the best spot to host the perfect picnic.

The food and beverages

It is not a picnic if there is no food! When I took a poll on Instagram of people’s favorite picnic foods the most popular ones were watermelon, potato salad, and sandwiches! When it came to creating our own picnic, I decided to opt for a greek pasta salad, mediterranean sandwich, and banana muffins as a treat. The key to picnic food is having things that don’t need to stay warm, are easy to clean up, and can be mostly enjoyed with your hands.

As for the beverage options, my friend brought a bottle of Rose and the picnic company provided sparkling water. I ran out of time but loved the idea of creating flavorful water in mason jars. You could also pre-make smoothies and keep it in an insulated bottle until ready to enjoy.

Picnic meal

Want some other easy picnic treats to make?

Chips and dip: Premake this Vegan Queso and grab a bag of chips to dip in it.

Cookies: if you want a clean and easy sweet dessert try these 4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies or Almond Cloud Cookies

Pasta Salad: the Greek Pasta Salad is super simple and best enjoyed chilled–perfect for the picnic. (Just don’t forget a fork).

Fruit Salad: of course there is the classic fruit salad where you chop up a variety of fruits and berries, toss it together with a drizzle of honey and topped with shredded coconut. YUM!

Picnic and banana muffins

Overall, if you want to host the perfect picnic the key component is who you’re enjoying it with!! After a year of being a part due to Covid, getting together outside with friends and family is a great excuse. Share this with the people you can’t wait to host a picnic with.

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